SKYWIZ GROUP is a property development company with an in-depth experience in development of land and buildings for commercial, industrial & residential use. We undertake residential, service apartment, commercial, high rise building, hotel, industrial factory & office tower developments in rural & urban location primarily in the historical city of Malacca and regional markets of Malaysia.

At SKYWIZ GROUP, we provide high quality, well balanced & progressive working environment with ample amenities and high level of sustainability. We oversee all our projects in house, which allows us to maintain close attantion to details. This has given us a reputation for providing high quality property.

With a burning passion for perfection & a commitment to excellence in all areas of construction, design & service, SKYWIZ GROUP is leading the way for property development, proving its clients & communities with quality properties for a secure & profitable investment.

天御集团是一家富有经验得房地产开发公司,尤其精于作商业用途得土地及楼宇发展。此外,本公司从事住宅、高级公寓、商业高层建筑、酒店、工厂 & 办公大楼等混合用途建筑发展。从农村到城市地区。主要致力于历史文化名城得马六甲 & 马来西亚区域市场。


本着一颗完美 & 卓越建筑的热诚于信念,天御集团正成为引领房地产业的其中一方,并提供客户一个低风险且优质的房地产投资方案。
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