Board of Director
Dato’ Lau Kim San is the Managing Director of Skywiz Group, Melaka Real Estate market leader. He is a thoughtful, experienced and excellent entrepreneur. As the Managing Director of Skywiz Group, he is responsible to advise and provide the valuable opinion to the board to get the biggest return to the Group, and the group core business includes Property Development, Plantation, Hotel, Tourism Industry (River Cruise) EPCC for Solar Project, EPCC for Broadband Project, Construction Sector. Currently, he also serves as Managing Director of Master Tec Wire & Cable Sdn Bhd, one of the largest manufacturers of wire and cable in Malaysia, Managing Director of E-Control Technology Sdn Bhd, one of the largest manufacturers of wire harnesses in Malaysia and Managing Director of Ever Care Air Conditioner Sdn Bhd. He is responsible for the overall strategy development and management of all companies.

Dato’ Lau Kim San began his career as engineer at Therlian Trading in year 1989 and joined 3 Star Electrical Sdn Bhd as an operation manager in year 1992. In year 1994, he left the company and set-up his first company, Ever Care Air Conditioner Sdn Bhd. In year 1998, he co-founded E-Control Technology Sdn Bhd, a company involved in manufacturing of wires harnesses. He then co-founded Master Tec Holdings Bhd where he was appointed as the managing director in year 2005. Under the management of Dato’ Lau Kim San, Master Tec Holdings Bhd was awarded Winner of the Outstanding SMEs in Golden Bull Award and currently it was preparing for IPO (Initial Public Offering) to expand the company and business globally.
As manufacturing and development is the core business of Dato’ Lau Kim San, he ensures that his companies contribute to society by being the first to make products that meet to the needs of consumers in the new era. He always utilizes companies unique, innovative technologies to contribute to the needs of the people throughout the world, keeping global economy sustainable and developing research impossibilities into reality. Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) is another concern of Dato’ Lau Kim San thus he ensures that all the products meet the safety requirements and obtain Quality Management System from ISO 9001.

Dato’ Lau Kim San is a life member of Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry contributing in many aspects to the local business and industry communities. In year 2011, Dato’ Lau Kim San glimpse D.I.M.P DatoHonor from the Pahang Sultan due to his contribution to the nation and country. It is the intention of his business philosophy to grow hand-in-hand with its employees and families. It not only helps in expansion the business but also helps the employees improving their standard of living.

Mr. Chong Kah Khen studied his law degree in the University of Leeds, United Kingdom under the sponsorship of Malaysia Government's Public Service Department.

He has been a practising lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience. He has been actively involved in the Land Purchase, Planning, Project Development and Administration of Faithview Group since year 2009.

Besides project development, he is active in the running of cooperatives especially in Koperasi Pengusaha Pekerja Malaysia Berhad, a cooperative focusing on granting micro loans to government servants. He has been appointed legal advisors for many NGOs in Melaka and he has been actively involved in the social activities and contribution towards the well being of Melaka community.
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